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Southbound Snake Charmers – (Blues)

The Southbound Snake Charmers are a Blues Rock power trio that use elements of Psychedelia, Stoner, Swamp and Voodoo Blues to conjure up their own unique sound, producing an eclectic experience the band like to call “Big Chunky Grooving Psychedelic Electric Dirty Blues!”

Although the bands overall sound may be hard to pigeon hole, influences of Cream, Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy shine through and Chris’ Vocals have at times been compared stylistically to that of Johnny Winter.

Supporting some of their favourite acts like Collard Greens & Gravy, Bo Jenkins and Dave Tice (Buffalo), the band have performed around Melbourne since 2013
The band’s debut EP “The Dirt Blues” was released in 2014 and the follow up EP “Voodoo chicken Shack” in 2016 which is gaining overseas interest.

What started out as 3 guitarists playing their original style of delta blues has progressed through various stages of blues experimentation until reaching where they are today, a power trio.

What’s not to like about this band? Awesome rockin’ swaying blues with an attitude! That’s what the “Southbound Snake Charmers” bring to the table with their second EP “VooDoo Chicken Shack”. A five song EP that should be in your rock music collection!

My personal favourite, and it was hard to pick one from this EP, is “Moonshine Runners Blues”, an Infectious rockin’ Blues tune packed with energy to capture your soul and take you down the road at high speed. But don’t take my word for it, check out the FULL EP to discover what I mean by 5 great tunes! Then see what they are up to by visiting their social links. (See Below)

Southbound Snake Charmers are:

Chris Denman / Vocals Guitar
Nat Sutphin / Bass Guitar
Brooke Maloney / Drums

Moonshine Runners Blues – (2016)

Music Source: World United Music Promotions

Found on the Following music play-lists:
Best of 2016 – Rock & Alt
Blues 2000 to 2016
World United Music Promotions
Rock and Alt 2010 to 2019

FULL EP: VooDoo Chicken Shack – (Released Jan. 29, 2016)

Music Source: Bandcamp

Devil’s Blues – (2014)

Video Source: Southbound Snake Charmers

Found on the Following music play-lists:
Best of 2014 Rock & Alternative
Blues 2000 to 2016

FULL EP: The Dirty Blues – (Released February 16, 2014)

Music Source: Bandcamp

Southbound Snake Charmers LINKS:

Official Website

CONTACT: Southbound Snake Charmers


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