St Kilda Festival Live’n’Local 27th August



Metal Nexus Review


Australia seems to be awash with incredible bands of all kinds of differing styles and genres..from Thrash and Sludge to Metal and Doom, it’s all there somewhere. And there’s another type there in ample amounts as well evidently, the almighty Blues! That is exactly what we are blessedly receiving with the latest 5-song offering from Melbourne’s Southbound Snake Charmers, “Voodoo Chicken Shack“, and it’s Delta-drenched deluge of intensely well-crafted tones. Right from The Doors-esque intro song “Slave To The Groove” the juke joint is jumping as Chris (guitar, vocals), Brooke (drums), and Nat (bass guitar) set a fire and let it burn. George Thorogood would be oh so proud upon hearing this scorcher. A much more laid back, mellower noodling brings the next track to the front with “Ride On” and its’ guitar-driven goodness, straight from the school of Hendrix it comes and takes you away. Riding wave after of hazy, hella great get-down to get the job done as everything melds and bubbles over to result in one of the stand out cuts here. The accelerator is latched back for the next track, the third song “Nothin’ To Lose“, as the boogie breaks out yet again and dares you not to move on this hip shaking house partying number. Dialed in right as the guitar cooks and the rhythm makers make the scene and steal the show in this raucous rocker. Taking things backward a bit for the fourth song “Voodoo Woman“, the trio channels their best Foghat for this powerhouse nod to the great Arena Rock of days gone by and in the process provides my favorite song from the EP. Fifth and final song is the backwood boogie of “Moonshine Runners Blues“, another incendiary slab of audio arson that, while in a roundabout way about ‘white lightning’, is fiercely white hot in its’ thermal thundering.

For fans of All Them Witches, John Lee Hooker, and The Doors