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Southbound Snake Charmers - Rhythm 'n' Rest
Format: Digital / Label: Eigen Beheer
Release Date: January 16, 2017

Southbound Snake Charmers is a new discovery for me. 
I had not previously heard of, but was excited 
by their own description:

"Big Chunky Grooving Psychedelic Electric Dirty Blues!"

And there's nothing to lie. 
The sound is basically blues, but is full of swamp, 
voodoo blues and grunge. 
The best moments the trio reminiscent of other, 
slightly more mainstream, blues rock trio Cream. 
there even seems to seep through a Hendrix influence.

Actually, you can hear every song influences of 
different heroes from the 
recent and less recent history, 
but they know it in order to create their 
own sound. With delicious riffs and fine grooves.

Of course, I also just started looking for more work 
and this record has issued two EPs the band 
"Voodoo Chicken Shack" and "The Dirty Blues'. 
These EPs are certainly (be on spotify!) 
Worth beluisterend,but it's good to hear 
that this band has gained some experience. 
On the new album sounds just what it all tastier, 
responds stronger and closer together.

Eventually, the numbers are not quite 
at their best on the album. 
I can not wait to see this band live 
in a club or on a festival site. 
These numbers are to be played live! 
I think The Bayou on Black Cross is the 
perfect place for this band, 
so when Aunt Rikie still has a place ...

The song Cut My Time is my personal favorite.
 A delicious lingering, ominous track. 
The disc continues to spin for the time being 
as circles (or rather stream, 
but that does not sound so good) in my car radio.

Don’t Make A Fool (Slight Return) Video Clip


Southbound Snake Charmers
Don’t Make A Fool (Slight Return) from the Dirty Blues EP (2013)

Written & Performed by Southbound Snake Charmers
Recorded by Mark Kelson at Coloursound & Kelsonic Studios

Southbound Snake Charmers are
Chris Denman       / Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Daniel Tyrrell        / Guitars
Nat Sutphin           / Bass
Brooke Maloney   / Drums

additional Hammond organ by Mark Kelson